write me the 23rd form of sword

I watched Hero, as advised, by the way

and I've been meaning to write you a thanks, farrandy and timeripple, as well as a review

but it was just one of those *experiences*, ones that kind of eat your words and settle into your bones, and trying to turn it into blog-fodder seems petty
(though I did just post a photo of Donnie Yen on my Suitblog because I am at least that shrewd.)

So yes, it was pretty, though I did wonder what my experience of it would have been if I wasn't so aware, from the beginning, about the color. If I would have had the red, red calligraphy house be a revelation, instead of something I was kind of waiting on.

It told it's story in a way that shook me up, too. The sparsity of words, and yet the complexity of the nature of those words--that's something I could live toward achieving. I started to wonder about the veracity of what Nameless was saying fairly early, but I only had that sense of unease snap into a strength for the narrative when the king (who seemed so magnificent for such a small role, and then it wasn't a small role, was it?) says,

I have fought them, and seen them, and they are upstanding people. I don't buy this passions-tragedy you are telling me.

And that is when I sat back and fell into the story.

Though I tell you, that huge calligraphy scene pretty well could have been a mini-movie for me, and I would have had plenty to let my mind chatter and feed on...

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